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now we’re talking
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now we’re talking

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when youre walking past a dead body in a horror game and it suddenly comes back to life


Oh my god you can almost hear the pug’s screams. 

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I want 0 responsibilities and a lot of lingerie

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Writers may decide that Twitter is too narrow a space—too ephemeral, too rude or self-serving, too muddied by advertising and promotion—to both inspire and host meaningful fiction. Maybe everyone writing there is really still just gunning for a book deal. But I like to think that there is another kind of fiction to be written, the truest expression of the form, which embraces the quotidian nature of Twitter and its movements in real time.
Ian Crouch on using Twitter as a host for meaningful fiction: (via newyorker)

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you’re either obsessed with coffee or you can’t stand it there is no in between

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dog farts sound tiny and harmless but then the smell hits you like


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Honestly, the first thing I think when I see a muscular woman is “omg she looks like she could whoop somebody’s ass” not “omg she looks like a man”.

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if i die tonight it’s because i ate 3 calcium supplement gummies instead of the recommended 2 and my bones got too strong and wild and left my weak body to find a better one

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*forgets to talk to friends for 4 weeks*

I still love you guys I promise.

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Fuck, I’m happy… there goes my poetry
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Why would you get annoyed with someone for growing and changing as time passes. Thats healthy and that’s what you should be doing you stagnant primordial swamp ooze ass bitch

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